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Phone:(405) 384 – 5670

PO Box: 42301 Oklahoma City Ok 73123

Every Person who Comes through the Doors of City Center has a Story

We need your help to replace hunger, heartache, and hopelessness with healing and hope!

All monthly donations are DOUBLED through the end of 2022!

People in Our City Need Our Help

City Center is located in one of Oklahoma City’s largest school districts. Several years ago, a local high school discovered that their football players were breaking bones at a higher rate than some of the other schools. After doing research, the school realized that the youth were not receiving proper protein and nutrients due to poverty-related food insecurities at home.

Young people and families in our community are experiencing many hardships and vulnerabilities: including educational challenges, a lack of mentorship, and living in poverty – all of these are factors putting families and youth in extreme jeopardy.

  • In the Oklahoma City Metro 9.1% of students are homeless
  • Oklahoma is the 10th top state for food insecurity among seniors
  • In Oklahoma City 1 in 4 children goes to bed hungry

You Can Create Pathways to Restore Hearts and Lives

We are passionately working to break cycles of poverty and walk with people on a path towards restoration. City Center is supported by donors who want to see adults, youth, and families overcome hardship, so they can become contributors to the community they live in.

Your Gift Goes Even Further! Through our Collective Impact Model we build partnerships with businesses and organizations throughout our community. This way we link arms to maximize impact and eliminate duplication of services, so people get the help they need!

We believe relationships lead to restoration

“We have created a safe environment that allows us to provide essential relief and create a relational connection with so many families and youth in our community.” – Jed Chappell

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